Amadeus: the Chamber Choir

The Tony Leigh Memorial Choral Scholarship

Tony Leigh was a founding member of Amadeus; he was also an Old Crosbeian – an Old Boy of Merchant Taylors’ School in Crosby.

Sadly, Tony died suddenly – totally out of the blue in 2007 – a couple of days after saying he’d “gone to heaven” when attending a concert by The Sixteen in Blackburn Cathedral.
For many years we rehearsed in the Music School at Merchants. And in recognition of being allowed to use the space, we funded a choral scholarship, to provide singing lessons for a member of the Senior Boys’ School. After Tony’s death, it was renamed the Tony Leigh Memorial Scholarship.

Over the years, the recipients have been:

  • Richard Hinks
  • Stuart O’Hara
  • Alex Roberts
  • Edward Thornley
  • Michael Hillesdon
  • Lewis Thornley

Since David Holroyd retired from Merchant Taylors’, we have been rehearsing in Holy Trinity Church Hall, Formby – where we started, back in 2000. The Choral Scholarship has not been ended for all time, but was inevitably interrupted by the events of 2020/2021, and we need to decide how best to continue to encourage a boy to develop his love of singing – a passion which Tony had throughout his life.

Tony, sitting beneath the Steinway Grand Piano in the Music School at Merchant Taylors’ School.
In his school days at Merchants, if you misbehaved during hymn practice, you had to sit under the piano. So, some 50+ years later, he returned to his “naughty seat” for the sake of this photograph.