Amadeus: the Chamber Choir

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Our most recent concert was in the Church of the Holy Family, in Ince Blundell.
We were joined by members of the Liverpool Concert Orchestra, and raised something in excess of £1,500 for our favourite charity: Mary’s Meals. We are grateful for all the support we receive, and thankful to be able to perform in this beautiful church once again.

Our previous concert was at St Peter’s Church, Green Lane, Formby
It featured our typical wide range of repertoire: from A-Z. Well, we’ve got A for ABBA, and if we don’t make Z, we get at least as far as T for Traditional folksongs … with all sorts in between!
Live Stream available here

The concert was live-streamed to the Church’s YouTube channel – you can still see it HERE

July 2022 at Blackburn and Liverpool Cathedrals

Blackburn Cathedral on Sunday 31st July, joined with members of St Peter’s Church Choir, Formby.
(Musical) HIGHLIGHTS of the morning Eucharist can be seen HERE
and of the afternoon Evensong HERE
Singing Choral Evensong in the Lady Chapel of Liverpool Cathedral, joined by our friends from St Peter’s Church, Formby.

It was a joy to get back to something like normal after a silence of many, many months.

You can watch the edited video of the live stream of the October 2021 concert here