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Mary's Meals | Amadeus: the Chamber Choir
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A chance conversation between Ken Williams and Revd David Gamble led to our first carol concert at Holy Family, Ince Blundell, in December 2010. It was in aid of Mary's Meals - the favourite charity of the Nuns in the attached Nursing Home. That concert raised some £1,500.
Since then we have done our Christmas Concert every year at Holy Family, and always in aid of Mary's Meals. We have done several other concerts in other places, also for Mary's Meals. With generous funding from Barclays Banks, anonymous donors, and the huge generosity of the audience every year - paying to get out (!) - we have raised something in excess of £40,000 for this wonderful charity.

The charity has very low administrative costs, and in 2018 98.5% of the £19,915,000 went right to the charitable work. In other words, their expenses were just 1.5%.

They currently say it costs only £13.90 to feed each child for a year - which means our efforts over the years have supported several thousand children.

The success of Mary's Meals is not just that they provide a nutritious meal for very poor children - they do this at school - which encourages them to go and get their education too! A brilliant formula.
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Mary's Meals provides one good meal to some of gthe world's poorest children every school day. Our worked is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, who brought up her own child in poverty. Mary's Meals consists of, respects, and reaches out to peiple of all faiths and of none.
Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow
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