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Weddings | Amadeus: the Chamber Choir

We DO occasionally sing at weddings, but given the other commitments of choir members, it is the exception rather than the rule that we are actually able to accept an engagement.

In particular we are fairly unlikely to be able to sing at a weekday wedding, because many members will be at work. There is, however, no harm in asking!

If you are considering asking us to sing at your wedding, please contact us using this link

All our guests said how much the music helped ‘make’ the service. Thank you.
We have sung at two weddings for the Holroyd family:
Becky marrying Oliver Goater, in Guernsey
Richard marrying Rebecca Holmes

David composed anthems for these two occasions. When Matthew marries, that will complete the family set of three!
“It has to be said, that until you’ve been to a wedding with quality music, you don’t appreciate what a difference it can make. The actual ceremony is, of course, the most important part of the whole day; and good music, led by a competent choir, will make it special.

We have considerable experience providing wedding music, but there are various logistical considerations, not least the etiquette of discussing our involvement with the minister / resident musician - particularly as we’d expect to bring our own Organist. Once they learn of our credentials and experience, there shouldn’t be a problem.
To date, David has not yet actually broken an organ - and he’s played some of the biggest and best in the country!”
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